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All OEC-9600’s go through a
multi-step refurbishing
process. EDI takes great pride in
the fact that each unit is restored
to a like-new status. Pain
Management, Orthopedics,
Rehabilitation Services are just a
few of the applications utilizing the
EDI refurbished OEC-9600 carm.
The rotating x-ray tube allows
for greater penetration and
resolution for the lumbar area
when doing needle localizations
or other work involving the thicker
anatomical areas of patients. For
barium swallows a VCR or Digital
Video Recorder can be utilized for
better record keeping and post
study analysis. The CCD
Technology used in the OEC-9600
image system allows for crisp
clear imaging. Whatever the
purpose, an EDI refurbished
OEC-9600 will deliver the results
you can depend on.

• All defective parts and covers are
repaired or replaced
• C-arm is completely disassembled
and repainted
• “C” is removed from main frame
• Horizontal arm removed, inspected
and repaired as necessary
• Vertical column removed and
bearings removed inspected and
replaced as required
• X-ray tube removed and inspected
for artifacts and internal integrity
• Image intensifier removed and
inspected for any imperfections
and grid integrity
• Camera removed
• Wheels removed, cleaned and or
replaced from main chassis
• Chassis inspected for structural
defects and repaired as necessary
• Vertical lift assembly is tested for
drift and adjusted/replaced if
• All bearings are inspected, cleaned
and re-lubricated, or replaced as
• Control panel display is tested and
replaced if necessary
• All wheels are inspected and
lubricated and/or replaced as
needed, with new cable pushers
• All locks and brake assemblies are
inspected, cleaned, and repaired
or replaced as needed
• C-arm is completely disassembled
and repainted
• Steering is tested and adjusted as
• Foot switch and hand switch
provided on each unit
• A complete set of operator and
service manuals are provided
• All components sent to C-arm
reassembly area for rebuilding
• “C”, Image tube and camera,
Vertical column, main control and
power cable installed
• New batteries are installed
• New CRT monitors installed in
monitor cart
• Monitor cart rebuilt
• When C-arm is completely rebuilt
mechanically, system is sent for
calibration and final testing
• Image intensifier and X-ray tube
are tested for stability and balance
• Image intensifier is tested for
resolution and gain to be within
OEM specifications
• X-ray tube bearings are tested for
noise and coast time
• X-ray tube filaments and stator
windings are tested
• X-ray tube radiation output is
verified to be within OEM
• X-ray generator high voltage tested
• Maximum dose rate is set in
compliance with government
• CCD camera calibrated to OEM
• X-ray beam is aligned for each
field size
• C-arm is tested for current leakage
• All monitors are aligned, resized,
centered and focused
• All monitors are adjusted for
brightness and linearity
• Video system is optimized for gray
scale and resolution
• All power supplies are tested and
calibrated or replaced as
Technical Specificaitons
• High frequency generator 4.0 KW
• Up to 120 KVP and 75MA for
radiographic exposures
• Continuous fluoro-mode up
to 5MA
• One shot frame integration (low,
medium, high)
• Full power from standard 110V
15A Or 220V 8A outlet
• Patented energy buffer design
X-Ray Tube
• Rotating anode X-ray tube
• Focal spots: 0.3 - 0.6 mm
• 300,000 HU Anode heat capapcity
Physical Specificaitons
• Free Space in Arc - 31”
• Depth of Arc: 26”
• Arc orbital movement: 115 Degrees
• Left/Right wig-wag scan: +/- 11
• Vertical Travel: 18” motorized
• Horizontal travel: 8”
• L-arm rotation: +/- 180 degrees
C-arm Dimensions
• Length: 78.5”
• Height 68.25”
• Width: 33”
Workstation Dimensions
• Width: 27.25”
• Height 68.25”
• Depth: 27.25”

The AMX is the most reliable portable on the market. For over twenty years hospitals have relied on the dependability of the GE-AMX portable for their imaging needs.

Structural reinforcements
All worn and broken parts replaced

Current upgrades and FMI’s
Column +/- 270 degree rotation
Horizontal arm rebuilt
Rebuilt Base assembly

Latch upgrade

Upgraded Charger Board
AMX-4 Plus HV cables
AMX-4 Plus main cables
Noise suppressors
Base anti-static grounding cable
Collimator Rebuilt

The Process
All bearings replaced as necessary
New hand switch with new cable
Chassis reinforcement
New collimator cable
New rotor cable
New Super Flex HV Cables
Cross-hair window replaced
New arm lock New Batteries charge cycled
Main frame chassis reinforcement installed
All bearings replaced as necessary
New bumper pads
New hospital grade cord cap with cord

Technial Specifications
High frequency generator
GE AMX-4 Collimator
100 mA constant.
24 kVp stations
kVp 50-125.
30 mAs stations.
mAs 0.4-320.
LED display.
Rotating Anode X-Ray tube
MX-75 275kHU Focal spot .75mm
Variable speed motor drive