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The Most Portable Image Processing Unit VATECH’s state of the art Xmaru1417P is an image processing unit that is developed with a Flat Panel X-ray Detector from Samsung. It provides you with highly superb image resolution through its 14” X 17” flat panel detector. Its portable size brings outstanding advantages. With its 3.8 kg weight and 15mm thickness, upgrading your conventional analogue equipment into digital is enabled. The specially designed grip is a consideration for providing ease in handling and transportation. The small and portable power box can be used with much convenience. Xmaru1417P is guaranteed to satisfy your daily diagnostic needs.

The Most Portable Image Processing Unit
 It is 14” X 17” wide, which will certainly be an optimal choice for your everyday diagnostic needs. Its extraordinary thickness enables you to simply replace the receptor part of a conventional film x-ray. Furthermore, its size, thickness, as well as its powerful operating software are guides for you in making an economical choice for upgrading your radiological facility. 
Superior Diagnostic Image Quality
A dynamic offset enhances the image resolution. Furthermore, its single panel design with eliminated butt area improves the image quality and produces more reliable images. Its “a-Si TFT active matrix” provides for a superior image resolution. It is also guaranteed to provide constant and reliable performances under its usual temperature and humidity.

User friendly Design Its specially-designed grip makes it easy for you to carry it anywhere and anytime. This is a manifestation of our sincere intention of showing that we care about the satisfaction of our customers. Its small and light power box also guarantees for an easy and soft integration into your entire system. Every corner of this product’s design expresses our genuine intention to provide customer satisfaction.

Xmaru1417P is a portable flat panel X-ray detector.
The active area of Xmaru1417P equals to the cassette size of
conventional film x-rays. It provides excellent mobile convenience by ultra slim
design and light weight. High resolution and superior diagnostic images are
created by large TFT panel. Good sensitivity of Xmaru1417P reduced x-ray
radiation dose drastically without losing image quality.

Xmaru1417P is developed and equipped with Samsung’s FPXD designed by A-Si TFT
technology, which allows you to run the equipment under a reliable condition without stopping as less heat is generated. A-Si TFT technology provides you with constant pixel value which ensures acquisition of more accurate diagnostic images.

DICOM 3.0 compatible, DICOM
Patient CD, DICOM Basic Print
Print Management Service Class(SCU),
Storage Service Class(SCU), and others
Image stitching (semi-auto) & Fast & Ideal
Image Processing
Easy user interface & simple workflow

At 3.8 kg and 15mm, it is extraordinarily light and of unprecedented thickness.
Its energy range is 40-150kV while its pixel pitch is 150μm.
Lastly, its effective pixel matrix is at 2880 X 2400.